Resources for Distance Learning

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TL;DR: The benefits of pre-planning and having contingency plans. Kevin’s Top 10 digital resources and websites that he uses with his own students. 5 Bonus resources! Wow, what a week! With the increased spread of the COVID-19 and recommendations from the CDC, many schools are temporarily moving to distance, remote, or digital learning. On Thursday, I found out that my … Read More

Love Beyond the Classroom Walls: Creating Memories & Building Bonds

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In This Post: 5 non-negotiables of a teacher. The value in building memories and bonds with your students. Specific examples of ways to encourage learning¬†and build relationships. The inclusion of families. As a teacher, I have five teaching non-negotiables.¬† Those are the five things I have pretty much kept sacred for the seventeen years I’ve been a teacher. These include: … Read More